Area Rug Styles

A rug with one or more outside borders of one carpet style and an inside area of another carpet type. The border color is the major color of the rug’s border. Red, blue, beige, yellow and green are the most widely used in a full spectrum of hues and shades.

Casual rugs are simple in design and flexible in function. Often featuring minimalist designs and a subdued color palette, casual rugs will fit with any interior scheme and any home’s décor.

The classification of a handmade rug that is less than 25 years of age.These are non-traditional styles of rugs that range from shag and braided rugs to pile-weave rugs with geometric or modern patterns.

A custom-made rug is designed from a combination of your preferences. You chose from a selection of sizes, shapes, styles and colors to create a rug that is distinctly you.

Featuring a number of designs, from botanical prints, scrolled vines, and colorful blossoms, floral rugs are a classic choice. This diverse group of designs can many different looks to a space, ranging from feminine or majestic to traditional or modern.

A classification of rugs that feature a combination of bright hues and earthen colors in a style defined by the Southwestern U.S. This style is commonly made up of hard lines and geometric shapes, but is softer and more casual than contemporary designs.

Style name that refers to the characteristic designs of the European and Oriental/Persian schools of weaving. Modern traditional rugs replicate the classic patterns, colors, and styles of antique rugs.

Broad style that falls between traditional European and Oriental rug designs and new contemporary styles. Floral and botanical patterns are good examples of rugs in this category.