Armstrong Laminate

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After more than a century, Armstrong remains the foremost name in flooring -- known and trusted for reliable quality, an expansive offering of colors and designs to meet the personal style of all customers and technological innovations that make lives easier.
Armstrong. Your ideas become reality™.

Product Line

Architectural Remnants

Architectural Remnants - Antique Structure

Architectural Remnants - Global Reclaim

Architectural Remnants - Seaside Pine

Architectural Remnants - Surf Side

Architectural Remnants - To The Sea

Architectural Remnants - Woodland Reclaim

Coastal Living

Coastal Living - White Wash

Coastal Living Patina

Commercial Handsculpted Laminate Collection

Commercial Handsculpted Laminate Collection - Home

Commercial Handsculpted Laminate Collection - New

Commercial Handsculpted Laminate Collection - Whit

Exotics - Exotics

Exotics - Lustre Cut Exotics/Lustre Sawn

Grand Illusions


Premier Classics


Premium Lustre

Rustics Premium

Rustics Premium - Forestry Mix

Rustics Premium - Homestead Plank

Rustics Premium - Millwork Block

Rustics Premium - New England Long Plank

Rustics Premium - Reclaimed American Chestnut

Rustics Premium - Urban Walnut

Rustics Premium - WB-Oak

Rustics Premium - Woodland Hickory

Stones & Ceramics - Carmona Stone

Stones & Ceramics - Castilian Block

Stones & Ceramics - Limestone

Stones & Ceramics - Porto Alegre

Stones & Ceramics - Slate

Stones & Ceramics - Stone Creek

Stones & Ceramics - Weathered Way

Timeless Naturals Color Line